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VERY SAD: CCF mourns as Wife of Executive Director passes on

VERY SAD: CCF mourns as Wife of Executive Director passes on

The Crime Check Foundation family is in a state of mourning as the wife of its Executive Director, Amina Oppong Kwarteng passes on at age 44.

Her shocking death happened on Saturday, June 18 after a short illness in Turkey where she went to receive medical treatment.

The demise of Mrs. Kwarteng whose support helped inspire the philanthropic work of her husband has been a big blow to the Foundation and the humanitarian society.

She has been the backbone of her husband’s success which has helped wipe the tears of many underprivileged individuals across the country.

For her love for philanthropy, she has been instrumental in pushing her husband to do his charity work through which the Foundation’s programmes, the Charity Series, Street Charity Series, Time With the Prisoner, Village Charity among others were birthed to help the poor and the needy in society.

The Kwartengs

In a post on the official Facebook page of Crime Check TV GH by the Executive Director of CCF announcing the tragic event, Ibrahim Oppong Kwarteng wrote;

“You narrated your dream in which you went to heaven to me about three months ago, describing the various layers you visited. I was glad because as virtuous as you are, I have always prayed for Jannah for you. When you called me at night three days ago amidst pains to hug me and to bless me for all I have done for you before you were rushed to the ICU, I got absolutely confused because I have always known helping and loving you is my responsibility as a husband.

“What is shocking to me is that you told me when I visited you at the ICU that you are fine and will wait patiently for the doctors to treat you. You again told me in my dream that you will be fine and laughed. So my dearest wife Meena why? Why do you have to do this to me and our four lovely boys after all I did to save you.”

He concluded saying “May the Almighty Allah grant you the very paradise you narrated to me. I doubt if I will live long! May the Almighty Allah strengthen me to bear this very heavy loss. I am broken. See you very soon my dearest wife.”

Mrs. Kwarteng’s burial is slated for Friday, June 24, 2022 at the Maqbara-e-Musian, Kasoa Cemetery at 2pm after Juma’ah prayers at the Central Mosque, situated at Auntie Mercy, off Nyanyano Road, Kasoa.

She left behind four boys.

Writer: Rudolph Nandi


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