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The painful blessings of a couple

The painful blessings of a couple

A couple residing at Awoshie a suburb of Accra, Abena Serwaa, and Kwesi Addae have not been happy with the birth of their quadruplets due to financial difficulties.

 According to the couple, though they are excited about having the children, the difficulty in feeding them has turned what is meant to be a happy occasion into sorrow.

The couple who already have two children said they struggle to put up with life as even a square meal a day becomes challenging.

Mr. Addae, an electrician and father of the quadruplets told that when they realized the children were initially triplets, he was not enthused because his job was not stable to enable him to provide for the needs of the children.

“I was expecting a single child and even that was going to be a challenge.  When doctors said the children were three during the prenatal stages of the pregnancy, I got scared only to realize after delivery that they were four. I did not prepare for this number of children. I barely get jobs so it has not been easy for us,” he said.

“I have to be asking for support from relatives and friends to compliment the little my husband is able to provide. My job is not doing well so I barely provide something,” the mother of the quadruplets, Serwaa who is a hairdresser said.

Their lamentations ceased when Crime Check Foundation (CCF) presented varied items including tins of Milo, lactogen, milk, bathing soaps, buckets of washing powder, and toilet rolls among others for the children.

CCF also gave the couple a sum of Six Hundred Ghana cedis for their upkeep as it counts on benevolent individuals to come to their aid. The donation was sponsored by a UK-based couple donor, Matilda Dugbatey, and her husband, and a France-based donor, Bernice.

Presenting the items, the Executive Director of the Foundation, Ibrahim Oppong Kwarteng commended Kwesi Addae for taking up the responsibility of the children and being resolute to face the hardship.

He advised men who would otherwise escape when they face such difficulties to desist from contemplating such actions.

“There are men who would run away if they were in this situation. We even have a situation in our hands now where a man had to flee after his wife gave birth to a set of twins and for thirteen years now he has not returned. We have taken the responsibility of the children,”

CCF urges the public to contact 0242074276 to support the children.

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