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Struggling couple with quadruplets receive Ghc 12,507 from CCF

Struggling couple with quadruplets receive Ghc 12,507 from CCF

A couple who gave birth to quadruplets and struggles to feed them have received Twelve Thousand Five Hundred and Seven Ghana cedis (GHC 12,507) from Crime Check Foundation (CCF).

CCF gifted the money to the couple after they approached it for support to cater for their children.

The Foundation raised the money through contributions from its donors home and abroad to support the struggling parents who have become unemployed after having the children.

Presenting the money to the couple, the Executive Director of CCF, Ibrahim Oppong Kwarteng advised married men to take care of their children rather than chase other women when they become comfortable.

“This money must be used to take care of the needs of the children. When you become comfortable, focus on children and your wife but do not become boastful and start chasing women around. Invest the money and use it judiciously,’ he cautioned.

In a previous interview with, the father of the children, Kwesi Addae said though they were excited about having the children, the difficulty in feeding them turned what was meant to be a happy moment into grief.

The couple who already have two children said they struggle to put up with life as even a square meal a day becomes challenging.

Mr. Addae, an electrician said when they realized the children were triplets, he was not enthused about it because his job was not stable to enable him to provide for the needs of the children.

“I was expecting a single child and even that was going to be a challenge.  When doctors said the children were three during the prenatal stages of the pregnancy, I got scared only to realize after delivery that they were four. I did not prepare for this number of children. I barely get jobs so it has not been easy for us,” he said.

“I have to be asking for support from relatives and friends to compliment the little my husband is able to provide. My job is not doing well so I barely provide something,” the mother of the quadruplets, Serwaa who is a hairdresser said.

Their story touched the hearts of donors who contributed varying amounts of money and items.

The donors include US-based donors, Felicia, Elsie Williams, Evelyn Osa, Sally, Francis Ogoe, Priscilla, Celestina, Mavis Mensah, Janet Arku, and UK-based Yvonne Owusu Ansah and Josephine.

The others are Ghana-based Anthony, Steven Seglah, Afishetu, Esther Takyi, Fawzia, Analimb Jacob, Sarah, China-based Ekua Adepa, Dubai-based Grace, Holland-based Sharon, Italy-based Sister, Holland-based Sharon, Germany-based Margaret Acheampong, and an anonymous Sweden based donor.

Ghana-based Angela Armah supported with diapers, baby powder, baby oil, baby lotion, antiseptics, after-wash, and toiletries.

US-based Maa Victoria Atayi also donated clothing.

The couple expressed their gratitude to CCF and the donors for the gifts.

“May God replace what you have given us back to you in double-fold. May He answer your prayers,” they prayed.

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