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Sick Ghanaian in Saudi Arabia cries to come home over cruel treatment

Sick Ghanaian in Saudi Arabia cries to come home over cruel treatment

A Ghanaian lady identified as Ernestina who went to seek greener pastures in the Gulf City of Saudi Arabia has regretted after being subjected to sordid jobs which have cost her health.

Despite her ailing health, she said she has been detained and has been denied the right to healthcare.

She is appealing for help to facilitate her coming back home due to the cruel treatment she is been put through.

In an audio recording she sent to Crime Check Foundation (CCF) asking for help, she said the Saudi authorities have kept her in an isolation room because of some rare skin rashes that has developed on her body.

According to her, the rashes, which the Saudi authorities believe is contagious, was induced by the condition of the mean job she was assigned.

Ernestina said apart from the skin rashes, a lump has also developed in her breast causing her pains.

She said she wants to come back home to get proper care but Saudi authorities have refused to grant her wish.

Her effort to get her traveling documents from her taskmistress she said has been fruitless, as she has been told to return an iPhone, which was bought for her use before her documents would be released to her.

Though she said she has returned the mobile phone, her taskmistress has refused to hand her documents to her.

“My madam asked me to return an iPhone she bought for me before she would give me my traveling documents. After giving her the mobile phone she lied that she has given my documents to me already. I have been kept in a room where I cannot access the internet to be able to seek for help.  They claim they have quarantined me due to the skin rashes. My body is itchy and the pain in my breast is unbearable. I want to come home to get proper care. Please help me,” she said.

“I even want to be deported but the authorities are not taking interest in my demand,” she added.

Many individuals, especially the youth continue to travel to the Gulf countries despite horrifying experiences of others.

CCF cautions the youth who have thoughts of embarking on such a journey to be wary of the inhumane treatment they would be subjected to and consider staying back to take advantage of the few opportunities in Ghana.

The Foundation facilitated the return of a 31-year-old Malik Memuna who suffered an acid attack, which disfigured her face and parts of her body. She has started a business which is picking up gradually and says she would not had gone through the ordeal if she knew she could have established a business.

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