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Physically challenged young man begs for support to undergo surgery after playing ‘backyard’ soccer

Physically challenged young man begs for support to undergo surgery after playing ‘backyard’ soccer

25-year-old Christian Asebu has been crippled after an injury he suffered during a football match he played in his backyard some twelve years ago.

Asebu said he has not been able to get further medical attention after his father’s demise.

He said his current condition has delayed his dream of becoming a journalist.

Speaking to Crime Check TV GH, the young man said his single mother has been unable to raise the needed amount of money to enable him to undergo surgery.

Narrating the start of his predicament, he said “when I was injured during the game, my joints started swelling so my father took me to a herbalist in my hometown. My condition did not get better as I was bedridden for almost two years before I underwent a minor surgery.’

He said the initial surgery enabled him to walk but not as normal as he was before getting injured, ‘I have now become physically challenged.’

Asebu said though he has completed a course in journalism, he is unable to search for a job due to his condition.

This, he said has added to the heavy task of his single mother in taking care of him and his younger siblings. He appealed to the general public for support to undergo another phase of surgery to make him walk well.

“I am pleading with the public to come to my aid. With my condition I cannot work and my mother’s brisk onion business does not yield much for her to support me, my elder sister, and other junior siblings,” he solicited.

Asebu’s mother, 50-year-old Elizabeth Anokye said life has not been easy for her after her husband’s demise, as her in-laws have not been supportive.

“Putting food on the table for the children has been very difficult so raising such an amount is not possible. I do not have even savings to even rely on. Please help my son,” she said as she sobbed.

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By Rudolph Nandi


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