Most of our prison interviewees admit poverty and frustration pushed them into crime. This is why this segment is devoted to helping the poor, the voiceless and the underprivileged to skip the trap of crime and imprisonment.

This segment also shares the stories of exconvicts and their families that have received support from Crime Check Foundation as well as others who require support to re-integrate successfully into society.

Crimecheckghana features their concerns and solicits support to make their life worth living.

I am the brain behind numerous criminal activities in Ghana, Togo and Benin- Frazer Aryee confesses

65year old Mr. Frazer Aryee, has told crimecheckghana that he masterminded many criminal activities, including kidnapping and murder in the mid-80’s. Frazer who served 20 years on the death row at the Nsawam Medium Security said he thrilled about the kidnapping business after reading some books in Spain, so he decided to return to Ghana […]

UPDATE: 63-year-old German ‘burger’ finally gets a new Ghanaian passport.

63-year-old Kofi Osei Boateng who was angered by the treatment meted to him by the Narcotics Control Board has finally received a new passport. Osei Boateng’s German residency permit and passport were seized at the Kotoka International Airport for trying to traffic cocaine to Germany in 2005 but fortunately for him, the court ordered that […]

CCF pays surgery bill of 57-year-old man

Crime Check Foundation (CCF) has paid GHC2400 as full cost of a 57-year-old man who needs an urgent implant removal. The man, Amos Ankomah -Koranteng says, he was knocked down by a motorbike 6years ago at Lapaz, a suburb of Accra, when he was on his way to work. “I was on my way to […]

Update: Girl at the verge of death finally saved, receives GHC 13, 430 to fund Pace-maker surgery

Elizabeth Dede Korley, a 26-year-old beads maker who lived in fear has gained hope again in life as she receives GHC13, 430 through Crime Check Foundation. Dede needed GHC 21,430.50 to foot her second pace-maker surgery as her heart cannot properly perform its functions of pumping blood into the other parts of the body. According […]

CCF beneficiary converts to Islam to show appreciation

Christy, a beneficiary of Crime Check Foundation’s philanthropic works has expressed interest in converting from Christianity to Islam. According to her, she has decided to convert to Islam because of the love and care shown her during her lowest moment in life through Crime Check Foundation’s Director who is a Muslim.  “I want to sacrifice […]

Help; GHC 21,430.50 needed to save woman from complete heart block

26-year-old Elizabeth Dede Korley risk losing her life if she fails to raise GHC 21,430.50 to undergo surgery. Elizabeth lives each day in fear and terror of the obvious happening; she is virtually living in her extra time on earth. According to doctor’s report, Elizabeth is suffering from a condition called complete heart block which […]

‘I was not allowed to talk in court’ – ‘By-day worker’ cries

Akua Afriyie, a single mother of four is lamenting for hurriedly been thrown into jail without fair hearing.  According to her, she was not granted an opportunity in court to tell her side of the story and was swiftly thrown behind bars.  Narrating her ordeal in an interview with crimecheckghana, Akua Afriyie said ‘I worked […]

Girl with bleeding nose receives support from Conquer Prayer Ministry

Crimecheckghana few weeks back reported on a 19-year-old Rosemond Opoku who has blood oozing from her mouth and ear for months. Crimecheckghana through our Health check project visited Rosemond and her mother at the 37 military hospitals where it was established by doctors that, Rosemond’s situation is as a result of some cancerous substances in […]

Update: Destitute 25-year-old widow receives help

Crimecheck Foundation reported few weeks ago on a 25-year-old widow who was left with the burden of taking care of her one-year –old son and a 22-year-old orphan after the death of her husband. Through the help of a benevolent individual based in the United States, Veronica now has wide smiles on her face. The […]


A 44-year-old Nsawam based trader, Gladys Mensah is gradually losing her 5 bedroom house to a pastor. Madam Gladys Mensah, a single mother of three, has traded in oranges for the past 17years; she had to resort to selling her only property to save her life after she took ill. Narrating her story to crimecheckghana, […]