Most of our prison interviewees admit poverty and frustration pushed them into crime. This is why this segment is devoted to helping the poor, the voiceless and the underprivileged to skip the trap of crime and imprisonment.

This segment also shares the stories of exconvicts and their families that have received support from Crime Check Foundation as well as others who require support to re-integrate successfully into society.

Crimecheckghana features their concerns and solicits support to make their life worth living.

CCF support mothers at Kasoa Mother and Child Polyclinic

New and expectant mothers at the Kasoa Mother and Child Polyclinic are hopeful of nurturing their babies without difficulties. This was after Crime Check Foundation, CCF went to their aid at the polyclinic. Some of the items that were donated through the Foundation’s donors included detergents, baby clothes and baby diapers. Receiving the items, the […]

Ex-convict wants to be a nurse but three SHS refuse to admit him

23-year-old ex-convict, Abu Safianu Yahaya who dreams of becoming a nurse has his hopes dashed because of his ex-convict status. He has therefore appealed to the government to come to his aid to gain admission into any of the three different Senior High Schools who refused to enroll him. “My own siblings stigmatize me and […]

The towns with dying residents

LSome struggling residents of Gomoa Abonyin and Goma Abaasa in the Central Region have received financial support from Crime Check Foundation, CCF through its donors. The beneficiaries including two blind neighbours, Kwadwo Eson and Kwesi Akasam received Four Hundred Ghana cedis each to support their well-being and their businesses. Both men who were not born […]

Gomoa Manso Community elder commends CCF for going to their aid

A community elder at Gomoa Manso who is also the Presiding Member of the area has praised Crime Check Foundation, CCF for reaching out to the residents of the community. CCF stormed the town with food items, clothing, shoes, walking aids and wheelchairs to donate massively to the poor residents including students. Speaking to crimecheckghana, […]

Saudi acid victim excited as she recovers from her first surgery

30-year-old Saudi acid victim, Memuna Malik has expressed gratitude to Crime Check Foundation, CCF and its donors after supporting her to undergo the first phase of series of facial plastic surgeries. The surgery which was undertaken at the Korle-Bu Teaching hospital, cost Fifty-Two Thousand Ghana cedis contributed by donors of CCF and the general public […]

CCF goes to the aid of stranded patients

Crime Check Foundation, CCF has rescued a patient and some new mothers at the Greater Accra Regional hospital who were detained for their inability to pay their bills. The beneficiaries Charlotte and Charity Anima had to be ‘locked up’ by the management of the hospital because they struggled to pay their bills after given birth […]

Should I commit suicide or do prostitution to cater for my children- widow cries

A widow, Faustina Nsiah who lives in Kumasi in the Ashanti Region is appealing to the public to support her take care of her children lest she commits suicide and leave her children orphaned or engage in prostitution to cater for them. Nsiah said life became tough for her after the death of her husband […]

Undertaker narrates chilling account of his struggles after prison

28-year-old multi-skilled ex-convict, Samuel Okyere from Nkorankan in Koforidua in the Eastern is struggling to get a job after his imprisonment at the Koforidua Central Prison. The carpenter, décor expert and steel bender who also dresses dead bodies for a living said he has been battling stigma since his exit from prison five years ago […]

I stole the bag of rice because I was hungry-20yr old convict

20-year-old Francis Acqah got imprisoned for stealing a bag of rice at Eze Enubo in the Western Region of Ghana. Francis who plied the ‘okada’ business prior to his conviction, indicated to crimecheckghana that he stole the bag of rice out of hunger. He said he sold two of the 5kg mini sizes earning him […]

My father abandoned me because of his polygamous lifestyle

M“I stole a solar panel to enable me learn how to driver because my father didn’t take care of me.” That is how 18-year-old Isaac Nyame ended up at the Sekondi Central prison in the Western Region. According to the convict, his polygamous father neglected him at the age of three, which abruptly ended his […]