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Opt for ADR to solve your differences without delay-ADR practitioner urges Ghanaians

Opt for ADR to solve your differences without delay-ADR practitioner urges Ghanaians

An Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) practitioner and the Programme Coordinator at the Institute of Paralegal Training and Leadership Studies (IPTLS), Isaac Asare has entreated the general public to resolve issues of civil nature through ADR as the mechanism is the easiest and fastest way of settling disputes.

He said compared to the Courts where cases are dragged on for so long and could even break relationships between disputing parties, ADR consolidates friendship between the parties and takes little time to resolve matters.

Mr. Asare was speaking on Adom FM’s weekend programnme, ‘Mokasa’ on Sunday 26th December 2021 on the need for feuding individuals to use ADR and avenues to access the services of practitioners.

The programme forms part of a series of media education on ADR under the USAID Justice Sector Support Activity  (JSSA).

Mr. Asare indicated that to foster unity between parties, and to dispense justice on time for an aggrieved individual, ADR is the way to go.

“For instance, if someone owes you and you want to retrieve your money quickly, the matter will rather be delayed if you take it to court. But with ADR, you and the debtor can sit and discuss agreed timelines with the help of a mediator and you are set to retrieve your money without stress. This will even promote your friendship since there will be no argument on who is right or not but compromises,” he explained.

The ADR expert said avenues abound for accessing ADR services including the IPTLS, TUC, and other private organizations.

About the USAID JSS Activity

The Activity focuses on monitoring and sustaining the implementation of Ghana`s Case Tracking System (CTS) which is being implemented in forty (40) target Districts in seven (7) Regions of Ghana. It aims at increasing citizen knowledge and access to Justice Sector services, strengthening advocacy interventions for accountability of key Justice Sector Institutions to improve justice delivery, and increasing citizens’ oversight and monitoring of criminal cases.

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