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Memuna can now see fully after getting partially blind in an acid attack

Memuna can now see fully after getting partially blind in an acid attack

30-year-old Memuna Malik has undergone the second of a series of surgeries that has restored her sight fully.

She was partially blind in an acid attack in Saudi Arabia, which deformed her face and parts of her body.

Memuna said when she returned to Ghana she had to veil her face to hide her scary look as she was subjected to mockery.

“A child in the community where I live said I looked like a masquerade whiles making mockery of me. Since then I could not walk in town without covering my face,” she recounted her painful experience.

With support from Crime Check Foundation (CCF), she underwent the first phase of series of surgeries, which got her face to shape, but her sight was partial.

“My eyes never closed even when I sleep. I could not sleep well,” she said.

But after undergoing the second surgery, Memuna says she can now see fully. Thanks to CCF and donors for their support.

In an interview with, the young lady could not hide her tears of joy for the love and support she has received from the Foundation and its donors.

“I thank CCF and the donors for their unrelenting support. May God restore anything they have lost because of me,” she said.

The surgery also gave her a facelift to her face.

“Every month I visit the hospital for an injection recommended by doctors. Because of that the second surgery was postponed several times until June 13 when doctors gave the green light for her to prepare for the surgery. The doctors had wanted to operate on my flattened nose as well but they rescinded the decision because of the pains I will go through.”

“My eyes were covered with stitches after the surgery and was itching to have it removed quickly. Finally, I have my sight fully restored,” she said.

The next phase of the surgery would be to lift her nose.

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