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Lady with two boyfriends dumped after getting pregnant and unable to tell who is responsible

Lady with two boyfriends dumped after getting pregnant and unable to tell who is responsible

PA 22-year-old lady, Gifty who is struggling to cater for her child is sorry for her actions after the two men she dated at the same time rejected her pregnancy.

The young lady said she did not know the particular man who was responsible for the pregnancy as both of them slept with her.

She tells that her actions have brought on her untold hardships, as she has to sell on the streets to be able to feed her child.

The destitute lady who used to be a ‘slay queen’ said the difficulty she is facing has humbled her and therefore regrets her actions.

“When I was in Kumasi, I had a boyfriend and I came to meet another guy here in Accra. My boyfriend in Kumasi also moved to Accra and when he came he asked me if I had a boyfriend in Accra but I lied. He slept with me and the following day, the one in Accra also slept with me. I got pregnant but I did not know who was responsible and they both rejected it. Since then, life has not been easy,” she recounted.

When met her on the streets of McCarthy Hill in the Weija Gbawe Municipality late in the morning, she was seen selling a handful of paintbrushes of which she had sold none.

Afful said ‘my daughter has not eaten since morning. I am hoping to sell some of the brush to buy food for her. Aside the brush, I help a woman to sell kenkey,’ she said.

With help from a UK-based donor Nicholas, Crime Check Foundation (CCF) assisted struggling Gifty with Three Hundred Ghana cedis to enable her start a business.

“With this money, I will start a fruits business to complement the little income I make from selling the ‘kenkey’ and brush. I am grateful for the support. May God bless you,” she said.

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The Street Charity Series is used to seek support for individuals who struggle to make ends meet on the street.

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