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‘I am dying please help me’ – 50-year-old diabetic widow cries

‘I am dying please help me’ – 50-year-old diabetic widow cries

A 50-year-old widow who resides at Mallam CP in Accra, Esther Asantewaa’s battle to survive diabetes is proving unsuccessful, as she is unable to afford medical treatment.

This is after undergoing a surgery that saved her from fibroid, which nearly took her life.

In an interaction with madam Asantewaa to support her, she told that she also suffers heart complications.

The condition, she indicates has rendered her inactive and therefore faces financial difficulties.

“At a point, I urinated within short periods and when I visited the hospital, doctors’ diagnosis showed that I was suffering from diabetes. The disease has caused me to swell all over my body. I also have breathing problems because of heartache. Seven years ago I underwent surgery to remove a fibroid lump. I have lost my strength,” she said.

After she said she stopped doing her second-hand clothing business on doctors’ advice, she now struggles to feed herself and not to talk of buying prescribed drugs that could give her relief.

Despite her struggles, madam Asantewaa who says she has never given birth broke down in tears when she talked about her neglect by family members.

“The money I have, cannot buy food ingredients so I go out to buy food at Five Ghana cedis. None of my relatives care about me. I have never given birth before so I am left alone. I am appealing to the general public to come to my aid,” she appealed amidst sobs.

The interview is part of Crime Check Foundation’s (CCF) efforts under its Health Check Series to solicit support for sick individuals struggling to get medical care.

CCF beseeches any donor who is touched to support madam Asantewaa to save her life.

To contribute, kindly contact 0242074276 via call or WhatsApp to support the ailing widow.

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