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Crime Check Foundation, CCF has supported 63 year old ex-convict, Kofi Osei Boateng with an amount of Two Thousand Four Hundred Ghana Cedis to rent a room in a bid to re-integrate him into society.

63 year old Osei Boateng

Osei Boateng was sentenced to 10-years in prison for attempting to traffic Narcotics (Cocaine) to Germany in 2005 through the influence of his friends.

The ex-convict after his release from prison cautioned persons engaging in drug trafficking or considering the idea to refrain from it. According to him, one is better off as a simple hardworking law abiding citizen than engaging in drug trafficking and losing everything he ever worked for.

“I lived in Hamburg in Germany for 23 years and worked with so many automobile companies as a factory worker, I had a wife and three children, I lived a very happy and comfortable life” he recounted

The 63-year-old advised the youth to desist from engaging in illegal activities to fetch them quick money.

Osei Boateng after he had returned from prison has lost all contacts with his family, friends and lost all his properties which has rendered him homeless.

He has been sleeping in the open in a mechanical shop because he did not have money to rent a room and that has made it difficult for him to re-integrate into society. CCF through its donors gave the old man over Two Thousand Ghana Cedis for him to rent a room.

Receiving the money, a seeming remorseful Osei Boateng promised to be law abiding and hardworking. He thanked CCF and the donors for the support. “God bless them and restore the money they have given me. May God continue to bless their work.” He said.

CCF is appealing to benevolent individuals to support Mr. Osei for him to get an established business to better re-integrate into society.

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