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CTS speeds up justice delivery-Rule of Law specialist

CTS speeds up justice delivery-Rule of Law specialist

A Rule of Law Specialist, Enoch Jengre has emphasized the need for effective utilization of the Case Tracking System (CTS) by Justice Sector Institutions to enhance justice delivery.

Mr. Jengre said the CTS, which is technologically driven helps to coordinate activities involved in prosecuting cases faster and should therefore be put to good use.

He was speaking on the importance of the CTS on Adom FM’s weekend programme, ‘Mokasa’ as part of the implementation of the USAID Justice Sector Support Activity (JSSA).

Mr. Jengre explained that through tracking of cases, the CTS helps avert challenges that Justice Sector Institutions (JSIs) face when prosecuting criminal cases. This, he said helps to fast track prosecution while ensuring that justice is served timeously.

“Previously, when you visit our police stations, statements are written in a book which could get missing or destroyed. But with the introduction of the CTS, every criminal case is entered into the system and could be retrieved any time. The various JSIs can access so there is nothing like a docket is missing. That period is over,” he said.

The Rule of Law Specialist indicated that Ghana would benefit immensely to enhance its justice delivery system  if institutions meant to utilize the CTS do not renege on the process.

“A country like Malawi improved their justice delivery system using similar technology known as the Case Management System. Ghana can also enhance its justice delivery system with the CTS. It will help curb abuses such as keeping an accused persons in custody more than the stipulated period.”.

The JSSA is being implemented in seven regions of Ghana by the Legal Resources Centre (LRC), Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (CHRI), Crime Check Foundation (CCF) and Inter-Regional Bridge Group (IBG TECH)

USAID Justice Sector Support Activity

The USAID Justice Sector Support Activity (JSSA) aims at increasing citizen knowledge and access to Justice Sector services, strengthening advocacy interventions for accountability of key Justice Sector Institutions to improve justice delivery, and increasing citizens’ oversight and monitoring of criminal cases to enhance justice delivery.

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