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CCF supports Glovo dispatch rider who was sent home to rot for his inability to pay medical bills

CCF supports Glovo dispatch rider who was sent home to rot for his inability to pay medical bills

36-year-old Glovo dispatch rider, Michael Ohene is battling for his life after doctors at Korle-Bu Teaching hospital sent him home for his inability to afford medical treatment for his fractured leg.

He told, he was involved in an accident when he bumped into a pothole after he had gone to deliver an item.

Luckily for him, he said was rushed to the Korle-Bu Teaching hospital where doctors started treating his injured leg.

However, he said he could not afford the full treatment, which would have included a surgery costing an amount of Seven Thousand Ghana cedis.

This he indicated forced doctors to discharge him from the hospital despite his critical condition.

“Doctors wrapped my affected leg with a POP which did not help because my bone was fixed out of its original position. When I contacted the hospital, the doctors asked me to rest my leg on a pillow for twenty-one days. Though I have done that, there has been no improvement but I cannot afford a metal implant, which the doctors have recommended.

“Family and friends have supported me with the initial treatment and are exhausted so I am left to my fate at this moment. I have not paid for my rent renewal and my landlord is only waiting for me to recover so that he can eject me from his room. I am pleading with the general public to help me,” he pleaded.

Ohene who now use clutches said he relies on neighbours’ gifts to be able to feed himself.

As part of its Health Check Series, Crime Check Foundation (CCF) during a visit it paid to the young but incapable man gave him Five Hundred Ghana cedis.

This was contributed by a US-based donor, Afrakoma.

“May God bless your business and grant you long life,” Ohene thanked CCF and the donor.

However, the amount is to enable him cater for himself as the Foundation count on the public to offer their support.

Through the Health Check Series, CCF has helped many struggling individuals to access proper medical care.

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