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CCF supports girl with a hunchback

CCF supports girl with a hunchback

A 15-year-old girl, Kwenu Agordo with hunchback has been removed from her school at Akpokope due to stigmatization.

Kwenu, according to her father, Anthony Agordo, 52, removed her from school due to the challenges induced by the ailment when she goes to school.

Mr. Agordo said the little girl complained of backaches and usually falls to the ground when she is in school. This he said has been a worry to the little girl as her colleagues mock her over it.

As a father of six, he said the survival of his family depends on his maize farm but his earnings from the farm cannot pay for her sick daughter’s medical bill.

“Anytime she complains of ache I take her to the village’s Health Centre but I cannot afford to send her to big hospitals to get her proper medical attention. Kwenu was born with the sickness but it worsened when she turned seven,” he said.

Struggling to speak to the Crime Check Foundation (CCF) team that visited the area, Agordo appealed to the public to support her to enable her seek proper medical care.

“I am going through pains and I want to go back to school so please help me to get medical attention,” she pleaded in Ewe.

As initial support to enable Kwenu to undergo diagnosis, CCF gave Mr. Agordo Four Hundred Ghana cedis.

The support was a contribution from the Foundation’s UK-based donor, Nicholas.

The poor farmer thanked CCF and the donor for coming to his aid.

“I thank you very much for helping me. May God bless you and grant you long life,” he said.

The Health Check Series

Crime Check Foundation (CCF) has paid the medical bills of many struggling patients including those who undergo surgery.

Kwenu needs your support to enable her undergo medical treatment that will secure her future.

Kindly contact 0242074276/0248895381 to offer your support.

By Rudolph Nandi

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