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Case Tracking System prevents delays in criminal justice-Rule of Law Specialist

Case Tracking System prevents delays in criminal justice-Rule of Law Specialist

A Rule of Law Specialist with the Legal Resources Centre, Enoch Jengre has said the Case Tracking System (CTS) would expedite the prosecution of criminal cases.

Mr. Jengre reiterated that the CTS would address challenges of delays in criminal justice, which make the dispensation of justice questionable.

He was speaking at a sensitization workshop on the CTS in Hohoe as part of the implementation of the System under the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) funded Justice Sector Support Activity (JSSA).

Mr. Jengre noted that the CTS would replace the manual process of keeping records of criminal cases while removing human interference.

“The use of the CTS would give real-time statistical data on cases expedited or before an institution. Everyone who goes to court wants their cases expedited, especially the cost and human interference involved in the use of manual process,” he explained.

Explaining further, Mr. Jengre indicated that the use of CTS would take away issues of corruption, adding that “if a criminal case is reported to the police, it is expected that the police will key-in that particular case and follow it to the latter.”

He said it was wrong in situations where criminal cases were taken from the Police to settle and added that through the CTS, cases taken out of the System to be resolved would be easily tracked.

Mr. Jengre said an implementing partner, Inter-regional Bridge Group (IBG), the initiator of the CTS is currently giving refresher training to police officers, adding that when the officers receive training on the System, their transfers to other places would not affect the operation of the CTS.

He noted that the media has also been effective in making the CTS known as well as propagating the information to the public, adding that capacity of some media personnel has been built.

Other implementing partners of the CTS are the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (CHRI) and Crime Check Foundation (CCF).

USAID Justice Sector Support Activity

The USAID Justice Sector Support Activity (JSSA) aims at increasing citizen knowledge and access to Justice Sector services, strengthening advocacy interventions for accountability of key Justice Sector Institutions to improve justice delivery, and increasing citizens’ oversight and monitoring of criminal cases to enhance justice delivery.

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