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Breast cancer patient begs for help to save her life to continue her guardian duties

Breast cancer patient begs for help to save her life to continue her guardian duties

 51-year-old Irene Teye is soliciting support to undergo medical treatment to save her from breast cancer.

According to her, she fears losing her life to the disease and leaving the children she has been taking care of as a surrogate parent orphaned.

Speaking to Crime Check TV GH, Madam Teye said she urgently needs over One Thousand Six Hundred Ghana cedis to enable her undergo three sessions of Chemotherapy.

Narrating how the disease started, she said, “I woke up one day and saw blood oozing out from my breast and then I went to a nearby health facility to ascertain the cause. The health officials there referred me to Korle-Bu Teaching hospital and upon several diagnostic tests it was revealed that it was cancer,” she said.

Madam Teye said at the initial stage, she was made to undergo Chemotherapy, which caused the lump in her breast to shrink but a year after, the lump redeveloped in the affected breast causing her great pain.

She said though her relatives contribute to support her, it is not enough to pay for the full cost of the treatment.

“I was made to undergo nine sessions of Chemotherapy before the lump shrunk. It has redeveloped and doctors have recommended that I undergo three sessions of Chemotherapy which will amount to over One Thousand Six Hundred Ghana cedis. I have some children I have been taking care of and if I lose my life, these children would face difficulties,” she said.

Under its Health Check Series, Crime Check Foundation (CCF) gave Madam Teye, One Thousand Ghana cedis from the contribution of its Italy based donor, Ghana Union Association.

The Executive Director of CCF entreated women to go for regular medical check-ups so that possible signs of the disease can be detected early and treated.

“I want to urge women to visit the hospital regularly to avoid a deterioration of their conditions. It does not cause ones lifetime savings to go for check-ups,” he encouraged.

The Health Check Series

Crime Check Foundation has supported many struggling individuals to seek proper medical care including surgery.

The Foundation is appealing to donors and other individuals to contribute to assist Madam Teye.

Kindly contact 0242074276/0248895381to contribute and you will be blessed beyond measure.

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