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Awutu Topiasi residents get clean drinking water

Awutu Topiasi residents get clean drinking water

Residents of Awutu Topiase, a village near Awutu Bawjiase in the Central Region would no longer walk long distances to draw contaminated muddy water from a well dug in the bush.

Their difficulty to get clean water is now a thing of the past as the Executive Director of Crime Check Foundation (CCF), Ibrahim Oppong Kwarteng has commissioned a mechanized borehole water facility for the farming community in memory of his late wife, Mrs. Amina Oppong Kwarteng.

The borehole is expected to solve the regular dearth of potable water in the community, as it would provide the residents with constant flow of clean water.

Some elders of the community and residents who were excited about the new development in the community complained that the old boreholes in the community continually get faulty and therefore accessing clean water had been hectic.

“The old boreholes we have are all faulty so we trek into the bush to fetch muddy water for consumption. So the newly constructed borehole will help avert any water-borne disease,” they said.

At a brief ceremony to hand over the water facility to the community, Mr. Kwarteng indicated the need to be kind to those in need which has been the symbol of his late wife whom he believes has found favour with God.

Inspired by Mrs. Kwarteng to construct the facility, Mr. Kwarteng advised the public to sacrifice out of their difficulties but not when they have enough to share with others.

“We ask for God to bless us to be wealthy, but the wealth should be that which we can use to do benevolence. Some of us would want to wait till we have an overflow of wealth before we start being kind. To be blessed, you need to give out of your difficulties. So we cannot sit in electricity whiles the people of Topiase drink muddy water. It is out of this generosity, that this facility is borne,” he said.

“It behooves us to help those in need while they are alive. Sacrifices bring blessings and favour from God so let us do good because our wealth is not for us,” he charged.

The head of the Ahmadiyya Mission, Kasoa Zone, Alhaj Ismael Yeboah who led the commissioning, urged people of the Islamic faith to be steadfast in times of challenges such as death and hunger which God uses to test their trust in him. This he said is because God would not let them down if they are able to withstand the difficulties.

He charged the elders of the community to ensure the facility is properly maintained to serve the purpose for which it was constructed.

“Cleanliness is part of our faith so the facility should always be maintained to prolong its lifespan,” he said.

On behalf of the Chief of Topiase, Nai Quarshiefio, a community elder, Nii Amu expressed gratitude to Mr. Kwarteng for providing them with the facility, which will give them relief.

Mrs. Amina Kwarteng passed on at age 44 on June 18 after a short illness in Turkey. Since her death, friends and families have been sharing their fond testimonies about her life.

“On the day of her son’s 19th birthday, she gathered her children, prayed with them, and advised them. This was captured in an audio recording. In this age where birthday parties are rather organized instead of thanking God for their new age, Mrs. Kwarteng chose to dedicate her children to God. She is heard in the audio recording, advising women on how to raise their children and how to keep their marriages. Her advice is played anytime women gather to pray,” an Ahmadiyya Imam recounted during the commissioning of the facility.

Mrs. Kwarteng left behind four boys.

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