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Acid attack victim undergoes surgery to improve sight

Acid attack victim undergoes surgery to improve sight

Crime Check Foundation (CCF) has supported acid attack victim, Memuna Malik to undergo a plastic surgery to improve her sight.

The surgery, which was carried out at the Korle-Bu Teaching hospital, is one of a series of surgeries she has to undergo to correct her deformed face and other parts of her body.

The 30-year-old lady said she was a subject of mockery after a brutal acid attack in Saudi Arabia that mutilated her face beyond recognition when compared to her photos in her hay days.

In a post-surgery video, the young lady’s eyes were covered with stitches indicating it has been operated upon.

She was beaming with excitement as she thanked CCF and its donors for their support towards her wellbeing.

“After ten days the stitches will be removed and then I will have my full sight restored. May God bless CCF for coming to my aid and to the donors through whose contribution has made this possible. I ask God to shower blessings on their businesses,” she said.

Narrating her horrifying attack to, Miss Malik said she got disfigured after a lady called Salomey, bathed her with acid in Riyad, which burnt her face.

She said the unfortunate incident happened on the 24th of December, 2018 when she had closed from work and decided to go and braid her hair at one Rabi’s hair salon. According to her, “as Rabi was braiding my hair, she stopped to go and eat. While she was eating, there was a knock at the door and she asked me to help her open it. As soon as I opened the door, all I saw was that someone pushed me and poured a substance on me. That was my end”, she said.

Salomey was subsequently imprisoned. The young lady said she contemplated suicide because when she looked at her face in the mirror she had no hope in life.

Her ordeal

Memuna said she constantly had to veil her face to hide her ‘horrifying’ look from the public to prevent mockery. However, that did not stop people from pointing fingers at her, as they continued to ask why she had to cover her face and other parts of her body, which got deformed. “When I covered my face and passed by people, I heard them talk about my dressing. I pretended I didn’t hear what they said and continued to where I was heading to”, she said.

Her New look

After undergoing series of successful plastic surgeries through the support of Crime Check Foundation (CCF) and its donors, her face has taken shape but she could only see partially. “I am now bold to walk around,” she said.

Miss Malik now has a business which is striving and has advised the youth who are seeking to travel to the Gulf States for greener pastures to rescind their decisions because it is a treacherous move.

CCF has helped repatriate many stranded Ghanaians abroad home. It advocates against traveling abroad for greener pastures without proper documentation.


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