About the USAID JSS Activity

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About the USAID JSS Activity
This is an Activity which focuses on monitoring and sustaining the implementation of Ghana`s Case Tracking System (CTS), which is a software system instituted by Chemonics International and its partners, aimed at employing technology solutions to track criminal cases from inception until being disposed of. The Activity which is being implemented in forty (40) target Districts in seven (7) Regions of Ghana combines mutually complementary methodologies including; Rights-Based, People-Centered and enhanced Social Accountability Approaches based on lessons learnt in the justice space. It aims at ensuring that marginalized communities through mobilization and innovative public education programs are aware of and supported to track progress of the delivery of the CTS. The Activity also focuses on monitoring and advocating for the utilization of the CTS by targeted key Justice Sector Institutions (JSIs) namely; (Ghana Police Service, Ghana Prisons Service, Attorney General`s Department, Legal Aid Commission, Economic and Organized Crime Office and Judicial Service), mobilizing Citizen Monitoring Groups (CMGs) to monitor the CTS process, facilitating demand for its functionality, accountability and responsiveness by relevant State Institutions, promoting legislative and policy reform, and advocating better coordination among the key JSIs and civil society. These will be achieved by; increasing citizen knowledge and access to Justice Sector services, strengthening advocacy interventions for accountability of key Justice Sector Institutions to improve justice delivery and increasing citizens’ oversight and monitoring of criminal cases. By so doing, these interventions collectively aim to speed up case processing and disposal of cases more timeously, effectively tracing cases and dockets within the justice space whilst ensuring the elimination of injustices in Ghana`s criminal justice system.

Using Court connected ADR will help reduce load on Courts-Rule of Law Specialist

A Rule of Law Specialist, Enoch Jengre has entreated the general public to accept to use Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanism to lessen the burden of cases on the courts. He said the law courts are already being weighed down by cases that could rather be resolved through the various avenues of ADR including mediation. […]

We can reduce violence through ADR-Dispute Resolution Expert

A dispute resolution expert, Austin Gamey has urged government to incorporate the teaching of mediation into the educational curricular as a means of resolving issues to inculcate in the youth the need to engage each other during a misunderstanding. He said it would promote peace and harmony compared to the adversarial means of going to […]

Volta Region: CTS Management workshop held for JSIs

A Case Tracking System (CTS) Change Management Workshop has been organized in Ho for the CTS frontline staff of Justice Sector Institutions (JSIs) within the Volta Region. The institutions include the Judicial Service, the Ghana Prison Service, the Office of the Attorney General and Ministry of Justice, Ghana Police Service and the Legal Aid Commission. […]

Police investigations has led to wrongful charges against accused persons -Legal Aid Lawyer

An Assistant Legal Aid Officer, Sani Mamoud has indicated that many accused persons are serving remand sentences for wrong charges because there are insufficient prosecutors at the Attorney General’s office to investigate criminal cases. He argued that most of the investigations conducted by the police are incomplete leading to the wrongful imprisonments of accused. Speaking […]

Investigative Journalist Mannaseh Azure pledges to expose police officers who subject people wrongly into custody

Investigative journalist, Mannaseh Azure Awuni has pledged to go after police officers and other players in the justice delivery chain who subject suspects into unlawful custody breaching their human rights. Mr. Awuni said the media has not been proactive in exposing personnel of the justice sector institutions who perpetrate such infractions. The award-winning journalist was […]

Legislation on free legal service will ensure equal justice-Rule of Law Specialist

A Rule of Law Specialist with the Legal Resources Centre (LRC), Enoch Jengre has suggested a legislation that will mandate lawyers to make available their services to poor citizens pro bono for a period every year. He said the legislation when put into force would enhance equal access to legal services regardless of ones social […]