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Legal Resources Centre (LRC)

LRC, the prime, is recognized for facilitating community concerns to influencing national governance and justice-related institutions. It employs strategies such as advocacy for rights enforcement, legal and policy reforms, community mobilization and social accountability mechanisms. For instance, the LRC has strengthened the capacity of over 500 officials drawn from the security agencies, Judges/Magistrates, Court Clerks/Interpreters and personnel of the Department of Social Welfare. These interventions have culminated into improvement in how these officials within the justice space are handling children who are in contact and conflict with the law. LRC has also facilitated citizens’ proposal to influence ongoing amendment of child-related laws, polices and regulations. Again, it has created a Network of ten (10) lawyers across the Country, recruited 150 paralegals nationwide and developed a web-based case reporting system, which is available to the public for reporting cases of child abuse to the LRC for legal assistance.

Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative

The CHRI’s focus on the intersection between Human Rights and good governance practices, by

promoting Access to Justice and Information will be brought to bear on the implementation of

this project. CHRI is recognized for its technical expertise on rights-based approaches to justice

delivery. It single-handedly spearheaded Civil Society’s push for a successful passage of

Ghana’s Rights to Information (RTI) law in 2019.


Crime Check Foundation

CCF with a huge following on various media platforms is noted for its interventions in deploying documentaries on national television and social media to highlight infractions of the law and the violations of the rights of prison inmates to engage the attention of the public and policy makers. The organisation has continuously played a leading role in pushing Parliament to pass the Narcotics Control Commission Bill into law through its documentary dubbed, ‘Drug Users and Peddlers in Ghana`s Prisons’. Objective three (3) of the JSSA project; ‘Increasing Citizen Knowledge and Access to Justice Sector Services’, – requires huge media coverage to make this objective successful. With its huge following on both social media and traditional media, CCF believes it is bringing to the partnership an important strategic fit to strengthen the CTS through Citizen Engagement. In all, the LRC will leverage on its experiences, collaboration with the key Justice Sector Institutions and its exposure built over the years on similar assignments to successfully lead this Partnership to advocate for an enhanced responsiveness for improved justice delivery.