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A 66-yr-old man who hawks mango to survive begs for help

A 66-yr-old man who hawks mango to survive begs for help

While at age 60, one would retire from active work and enjoy the fruits of his labour, 66-year-old Isaac Antwi has just started life.

He tells, that he has suffered in his lifetime. According to him, after dropping out of Secondary School, life has not been kind to him. He said he went to Nigeria to seek greener pastures after dropping out of school but he was unsuccessful.

After years in Nigeria, he decided to move to Ghana to start a new life.

Fitting into the society was difficult for him as a second-hand clothing business he started collapsed. He said he switched to selling mango fruits, which his sick wife was selling at the Dome Market in Accra to be able to survive.

The mango business he said is on credit and therefore lives on hand to mouth basis.

“My wife is suffering from fibroid and has been bedridden with joint pains so I have to sell these mangoes to be able to cater for ourselves. Because the market women know me, they give it to me on credit and then I pay them later after selling. Life has not been easy for me,” he said.

Mr. Antwi said he was homeless until he was lucky to win a Three Thousand Ghana cedis lottery. However, his troubles did not end, as he is still distressed because the room he has rented gets flooded anytime it rains.

His greatest problem he says is affording a comfortable place to lay his head.

“I was able to rent when I received two-sure numbers in a dream. Unfortunately, the room gets flooded when it rains because it is near a big gutter.  I would be very happy if I get a comfortable place to live, even if it is a single bedroom,” he pleaded.

Mr. Antwi who does not have a child said he does not get support from relatives so though he is suffering from hernia he still has to make efforts to sell the mangoes else he and his wife would starve.

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