With the absence of a Non-Custodial law in Ghana, CCF’s Petty Offenders project has led to the release of many petty offenders jailed for their inability to pay court fines imposed on them.

Greedy thief jailed 2 years for stealing iron rods

39-year-old drug addict, Kweku Prince has been jailed twenty-four months for stealing iron rods at Akim Oda in the Eastern Region. Prince said he became a drug addict when he joined a gang of criminals whiles he was a labourer, carrying passengers loads at the market and lorry stations. He said he could not complete […]

Carpenter imprisoned 3-years for stealing policeman’s plantain

A 35-year-old carpenter from Saltpond, Mensah Moses has been sentenced to three years imprisonment for stealing a policeman’s plantain. Speaking to Crime Check TV GH, Moses said he shares a wall with the police officer and both had plantain gardens at their backyard but his did not yield enough. He said he once had a […]

Farmer gets 12 months imprisonment for possessing weed

A 45-year-old farmer, Sampson Appiah has been jailed 12 months for possessing ‘weed’. Mr. Appiah who admits he smokes the narcotic drug indicated that he never dealt in it as a business. He said he was arrested after the police invaded his room and found a parcel and seeds of indian hemp. ‘What I know […]

60-year-old Chainsaw Operator jailed 12 years

A 60-year-old chainsaw operator at the Awutu Camp Prison, Kwame Asumani is serving a twelve (12) month jail term after failing to refund a loan that was used to secure his bail from police custody. According to Mr. Asumani, he was initially arrested for illegal logging and was kept in police cells for four days. […]

Man jailed for beating his brother

29-year-old Kwadwo Danquah has been jailed for eleven months for beating his younger brother for disrespecting him. Danquah who lived with his grandmother together with his brother said a day before the attack, he had smoked weed and was drunk. Narrating what led to the fight, Danquah said his brother took his pillow and used […]

I was helpless when I opened the door and saw my wife’s boyfriend was bonking her-Prisoner

A poor farmer, Dramani Iddrisu has been jailed for threatening his cheating wife for going to his farm to get foodstuffs for her newly found love. Iddrisu who said he witnessed her wife being bonked by her boyfriend said he was helpless whiles he stood dump-stricken watching on till he could not withstand the scene […]

Rheumatism patient jailed for stealing medicine in a drug store

A prison inmate, Opoku Afriyie was jailed 12 months at the Kumasi Central Prison for stealing medicine from an over the counter medicine shop. According to Afriyie who has since been released from prison through the support of CCF and two of its donors, Mr. and Mrs. Koomson, he had suffered rheumatism, but could not […]

Juvenile jailed 4 months for stealing her sister’s mobile phone

A 14-year-old boy, Kweku Odeifour has been jailed four months at the Kumasi Central Prison for stealing her sister’s mobile phone. According to Odeifour, he was hungry and was compelled to steal the phone to sell to get money for food. He claimed it was his first attempt at stealing, but it has unfortunately landed […]

I stole the bag of rice because I was hungry-20yr old convict

20-year-old Francis Acqah got imprisoned for stealing a bag of rice at Eze Enubo in the Western Region of Ghana. Francis who plied the ‘okada’ business prior to his conviction, indicated to crimecheckghana that he stole the bag of rice out of hunger. He said he sold two of the 5kg mini sizes earning him […]

My father abandoned me because of his polygamous lifestyle

M“I stole a solar panel to enable me learn how to driver because my father didn’t take care of me.” That is how 18-year-old Isaac Nyame ended up at the Sekondi Central prison in the Western Region. According to the convict, his polygamous father neglected him at the age of three, which abruptly ended his […]