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Stampede at Swedru Dahom CCF storms town to do benevolence

Stampede at Swedru Dahom CCF storms town to do benevolence

Residents of Swedru Dahom went berserk when Crime Check Foundation (CCF) stormed the town to donate clothes and shoes to them.

The excited residents including children did not have the patience to receive their share in orderliness but threw themselves onto the items clamouring and grasping what their hands could reach.

The Executive Director of CCF, Ibrahim Oppong Kwarteng advised the public on the need to support others in need. He encouraged them to go to the aid of the poor as it attracts blessings from God.

“Most villagers struggle to feed and clothe themselves so count yourself blessed if you can do both. If you are comfortable in life and you are able to clothe and feed yourself reach out to others who do not have such privileges. Through your gift you will be blessed.” He said.

The beneficiaries expressed gratitude to CCF and its donors for coming to their aid.” We are very grateful to you for the donation. Most of us are unemployed and we struggle to clothe ourselves. The donation has brought us great relief. May God continue to bless you.” They prayed.

According to reports, the poverty rate in Ghana has been cut by more than half, from 52 percent to 21 percent. In 2011, the country was considered a middle-class economy accomplishing such status by obtaining a more skilled labor force and geographical mobility. Despite the booming economic growth, poverty in Ghana is still prevalent and it has shifted from urban areas to now more rural areas of the country. It is estimated that rural poverty is almost four times higher than urban poverty. According to UNICEF, the poverty reduction rate has declined in recent years. Sadly, there is only a 1.1 percent reduction rate per year since 2006.

The Village Charity Series

With support from its donors, CCF has given many village dwellers cash gifts to ease their financial burden. Other villages have also benefited from the Foundation’s projects such as the construction of boreholes.

The Foundation is therefore appealing to the general public to support the series to enable it carry out more of these projects.

To contribute to the series, kindly contact 0242074276.

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