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CCF stocks storeroom of orphanage

CCF stocks storeroom of orphanage

Crime Check Foundation (CCF) has stocked the storeroom of the Savior Children Foundation with food items and toiletries.

The items worth over Five Thousand Ghana cedis include bags of rice, bottles of cooking oil, packs of carbonated drinks, boxes of biscuits, and detergents.

The struggling orphanage, in dire need of the items, approached CCF for support.

With support from its donors, CCF went to their aid with urgency to ease their plight.

The Executive Director of CCF, Ibrahim Oppong Kwarteng, said the gesture stemmed out of the teachings of the religious books that compel one to be generous to orphaned children.

“The Bible and the Quran teach us to help those who are in need and those who are poor. That is why we have gone to the aid of the Savior Children’s Foundation to support them and to put smiles on their faces through our donors.” He said.

Receiving the items, the Administrator, Eddie Honest thanked CCF and its donors for the support, which he described as timely.

“For some time now we did not have rice in our kitchen so when I saw the bags of rice you brought I was very excited. Though people complain of hardship in this Covid era, you have been able to come to our aid. May God bless you and expand your territories.” He said.

Mr. Honest however appealed for more support. “We have a tuition-free school for the orphans which children in the community have also joined. We have about eleven staff but we struggle to pay them because of financial constraints. Our school lack equipment and about five of the children are studying at the University but we do not have sponsors. We are pleading to the public and other organizations to come to our aid.” He pleaded.

The Charity Series

Crime Check Foundation has supported other orphanages including the Motherly Love Foundation. CCF has also reached out to many individuals, groups, and communities with cash, clothes, and food items.

To support this series, kindly contact 0242074276.

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