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The poor Mampong ‘barber’ with 30 girlfriends jailed

The poor Mampong ‘barber’ with 30 girlfriends jailed

A 42-year-old Kumasi Central Prison inmate, Kwadwo Samuel has confessed sleeping with thirty women.

The convict who was a barber at Mampong in the Ashanti Region admits he was a womanizer, and indicated that was part of the social benefits that came along with his job.

Boasting of his newly made plywood kiosk, Samuel said his skills in barbering lures ladies to patronize his services. He said though his finances are low he is able to attract the best of women.

According to him, he had a baby mama whom he thought of marrying, however due to her attacking posture towards him he decided to jilt her but in a gradual manner.

“As for me I love women and since I started womanizing, I have slept with thirty women without protection. The ladies admire how I cut their hair and most at times I do it for them freely. I am not scared of any disease because the women I sleep with are matured women who take good care of themselves. It is part of the work.” He said.

Popularly known in his area as ‘Chicago’, Samuel said he landed in prison for pelting his baby mama with a stone when he visited her to check up on one of their two children.

“During one night at about 9 pm, she called and told me that one of our children had fallen ill. I told her I would not be able to visit them because it was late and she got angry. The following day when I visited them she had left the children home alone and gone out. After some few minutes when I decided to step out I saw her coming. Outraged, she threw a stone at me and I also threw it back at her. She reported me to the police and I was arrested.” He told crimecheckghana.

Samuel said he was sentenced to seven months in prison for the act after he was unable to pay a fine imposed on him.

CCF’s intervention

Crime Check Foundation (CCF) with support from one of its anonymous donors, paid his fine for his release.

Time With The Prisoner

CCF has paid the fines of more than Six Hundred inmates for their release.

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