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Parents a 3-yr-old hermaphrodite child seeks surgical assistance

Parents a 3-yr-old hermaphrodite child seeks surgical assistance

Parents of a 3-year-old child, Ahmed Sandani who was born with both male and female genital organs, are appealing to the general public for surgical assistance to correct the infant’s abnormality.

According to the father of the child, Mr. Abdulai Ahmed, the child’s condition was detected in the early days of his birth.

The pupil teacher who teaches in a village within the Yendi Municipality in the Northern Region told that for about three years, the family has been unsuccessful in raising Two Thousand Seven Hundred and Fifty Ghana cedis to enable the little child undergo a major scan to determine his genetic sex, before reconstructive surgery is carried out to correct the condition.

“When I discovered the problem I took him to the Yendi government hospital where he was referred to the Tamale Teaching Hospital.  Several diagnostic tests were conducted on him through which doctors found out that one of his testicles is missing. They said the female genital is present but unless another scan, Karyotyping is conducted before the surgery”, he said.

Mr. Ahmed said some of his friends and even family members who could have supported him to save the child have turned him and his wife, Barkisu into a laughing stock. Barkisu who feels humiliated instead of being blessed for the gift of the child explained that she feels shy to travel with the child because of accusations and stigmatization she gets from friends and relatives.

This, the couple say have affected the little child who is unable to socialize with friends.

“The child at his age don’t want to go out because of stigmatization”, they lamented.

The couple is appealing to the general public to support them to save the little boy. “We are appealing to the general public to come to our aid to enable our child undergo surgery to save us from the public humiliation”. They pleaded.

CCF’s intervention

The Foundation is appealing to the public to come to the aid of the little child as an act of sacrifice according to the teachings of the Bible and the Quran.

One can contact 0242074276 or 0248895381 to contribute.

CCF’s Health Check Series

Crime Check Foundation (CCF) has paid the bills for many individuals to undergo correctional surgeries under this Series.

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