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8-yr-old boy begs for support to undergo a $9000 surgery to survive hole-in-heart

8-8year-old Suleman Adamu requires Nine Thousand dollars, equivalent to Fifty Thousand Ghana cedis to enable him undergo hole-in-heart surgery to save his life.

According to his mother, Adiza Abubakar, he was born with the disease but they didn’t realize it initially though he wasn’t feeling well. She said they sent him to unqualified people for treatment so his condition did not improve and as he grew up it worsened.

“When I gave birth to Suleman, he was sick but I didn’t know that it was a hole-in-heart disease. I took him to some people I knew could treat him including herbalists but he wasn’t completely treated.” She told crimecheckghana.

The young lady said Suleman’s condition kept deteriorating and with panic she had to ask one of her sisters who was a nurse to rush the little boy to the Lapaz Community hospital. That was where she said her son was diagnosed of hole-in-heart disease but the doctors there said they did not have the capacity to treat him.

 “Suleman gets tired when he walks for short distances and because of that he is unable to play with his friends. When he gets tired he squats even if he is in the middle of the road. One day his condition became severe so I asked one of my sisters to take him to the Lapaz Community hospital where he underwent diagnosis.” She said.

In an interaction with one of Crime Check Foundation’s staff, Adiza said her son was referred to the Korle-Bu Teaching hospital. She said a doctor at Korle-Bu who attended to his son recommended that he has to undergo surgery, which will cost Nine Thousand dollars to prevent further deterioration of his health as he grows. Her dilemma she said has been her struggles in raising such amount of money.

“Even if my family members put together their life savings, it won’t be up to that amount. What I have done is that, I have made copies of the surgery bill and distributed it to some people whom I think can support me but I haven’t received any response yet. Those who have contributed are neighbors who have heard about my son’s condition but the contribution is not even up to One Thousand Ghana cedis.” She indicated.

The poor lady said since she had a misunderstanding with her husband when she was pregnant, she has not seen her spouse again. She said efforts to contact him have been unsuccessful so the burden is now on her family to seek medical care for her son. Sadly, she said her hairdressing business is not lucrative to rely on even for their wellbeing. “My husband left me after a little misunderstanding. He has not come to see his son and does not care about us so we have been struggling to cater for ourselves.” She said.

Adiza and her son appealed to the general public to come to their aid.

The Health Check Series

Crime Check Foundation, CCF has paid the bills of many cancer and hole-in-heart patients to enable them undergo surgery.

CCF is appealing to benevolent individuals to contact it on 0242074276 via call or Whatsapp to support Adiza to get medical attention for her son.

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