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What could be the cause of so many kidney deaths in Ghana?

What could be the cause of so many kidney deaths in Ghana?

65-year-old Ajara Mensah is battling for her life as her 25-year-old daughter, Rose Mensah struggles to pay for the treatment of kidney complications, which is dragging her slowly to her grave.

Studies show that about 13% of Ghanaians have chronic kidney disease and many are dying on daily basis from it. The unfortunate situation is that most patients with kidney failure in Ghana cannot pay for treatment and this has lead to increase in the number of deaths associated with the disease. The young, old, rich, poor, males and females are all affected.

Ajara Mensah is an example as according to her daughter, Rose, she has suffered the disease since 2019 and has been finding it difficult to buy drugs and pay bills. She says the disease has made her mother unable to speak.

Rose said one of her aunties and her husband paid for her mother’s initial treatment when the ailment started but gave up when her condition deteriorated with the cost of treatment increasing.

She indicated that doctors recommended dialysis treatment for her at the cost of One Thousand Ghana cedis per treatment but all hopes are lost as her mother’s condition is worsening by the day with no support coming her way. “My mother fell sick when I finished my National Service. There is no money in the house to even by drugs for her. The family does not also support so it is has not been easy for me.” She cried.

CCF’s support

Crime Check Foundation, CCF supported Rose with One Thousand Ghana cedis through some of its donors to enable her mother undergo one of the series of dialysis as it counts on the general public to also support her with their widow’s might.

Rose thanked the donors for coming to her aid. “God bless the donors. I pray that God will bless them to give more.” She prayed.

CCF’s Health Check Series

The Foundation has paid the bills of many struggling patients under the series including surgeries.

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