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The towns with dying residents

The towns with dying residents

LSome struggling residents of Gomoa Abonyin and Goma Abaasa in the Central Region have received financial support from Crime Check Foundation, CCF through its donors.

The beneficiaries including two blind neighbours, Kwadwo Eson and Kwesi Akasam received Four Hundred Ghana cedis each to support their well-being and their businesses. Both men who were not born blind said, since the ailment started, life has been difficult for them. They tell crimecheckghana that they depend on their family for food, clothing and assistance in movement and they have been living in deplorable conditions.

“Life has been difficult for us because of our blindness. You can see the almost collapsed building we live in. We are always together since our rooms are next to each other. Life may have been better if we had our sight but now we only have to rely on others for support.” They said.

Kwadwo Akasam said he left his wife and his five children behind to come to his family to get their support which he said has not been enough.

Another beneficiary, a widow, Akua Yahya said she has to fetch water and also take up weeding jobs on people’s farms to be able to feed her children. “My husband and my parents are dead. I have five children and because of financial difficulties, none of them is in school. I struggle to provide food for the family. I have to fetch water and weed for people to get money to take care of the family.“

The beneficiaries showered blessings and kind words on Crime Check Foundation and its donors for coming to their aid.

The Village Charity Series

The Foundation has supported many struggling village dwellers in the Northern and Central regions and hope to reach out to many more.

You can kindly contact CCF on 0242074276/0248895381via call or WhatsApp to send your support.

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