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Saudi acid victim excited as she recovers from her first surgery

Saudi acid victim excited as she recovers from her first surgery

30-year-old Saudi acid victim, Memuna Malik has expressed gratitude to Crime Check Foundation, CCF and its donors after supporting her to undergo the first phase of series of facial plastic surgeries.

The surgery which was undertaken at the Korle-Bu Teaching hospital, cost Fifty-Two Thousand Ghana cedis contributed by donors of CCF and the general public who were touched by her story.

Miss Malik said doctors used flesh from her left thigh to carry-out the surgery which saw her flattened nose raised to enable her to breathe with ease, and her mouth patched.

The young lady who had her face disfigured from an acid attack in Saudi Arabia couldn’t hide her excitement following her discharge from the hospital. “I am very happy because I can now breathe freely and my face is getting better. I thank CCF and its donors for the enormous support they have given me. God bless them.” She said.

Miss Malik indicated that the next surgery she will undergo on April, 9 will see to the improvement of her sight where her almost blind eyes will be treated.

However, her dilemma was coming back home to sleep on a mat on the floor, which she said was going to impede her recovery. Thankfully, she was blown away by the gift of a king size mattress and bed which the Executive Director of CCF, Ibrahim Oppong Kwarteng gave her. “Oooh God, I am so happy. God bless you Mr. Kwarteng because I will sleep comfortably.” She said.

How she was attacked

Memuna got disfigured after a lady called Salomey, poured a substance believed to be acid on her face at Riyad, in Saudi Arabia.

She explained that the unfortunate incident happened to her on the 24th of December, 2018 after she had closed from work and decided to go and braid her hair at one Rabi’s hair salon. “As Rabi was braiding my hair, she stopped to go and eat. As she was eating, we heard a knock on the door and she asked me to help her open it. As soon as I opened the door, all I saw was that someone pushed me and poured a substance on me. That was my end”. She said.

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