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I stole the bag of rice because I was hungry-20yr old convict

I stole the bag of rice because I was hungry-20yr old convict

20-year-old Francis Acqah got imprisoned for stealing a bag of rice at Eze Enubo in the Western Region of Ghana.

Francis who plied the ‘okada’ business prior to his conviction, indicated to crimecheckghana that he stole the bag of rice out of hunger. He said he sold two of the 5kg mini sizes earning him Sixty Ghana cedis and kept the rest for cooking. “My boss took his motorbike from me after I gave it to one of my friends who crashed it. Since then life wasn’t easy for me at all.” He said.

Francis said he regrets his refusal to attend school because his illiteracy status makes it difficult for him to get a job. According to him his parents lived in one of the neighboring countries but he does not hear from them making him endure starvation. “My parents brought me here in the care of my grandmother when I was very small. Since then I have been living in the family house. Life began hitting me hard after the death of my grandmother.” He said.

CCF’s support

Unable to bear the difficulties any longer, Francis said he had to steal the bag of rice that unfortunately got him a year’s prison sentence at the Sekondi Central Prison after failing to pay a court fine of One Thousand Two Hundred Ghana cedis.

Crime Check Foundation, CCF paid his court fine through a philanthropist, Ali Ibrahim to facilitate his release.

“May God bless Ali Ibrahim for coming to my aid. I never had hope. May God cause your business to flourish.” Francis prayed as he showed his gratitude to Ali Ibrahim.

The Petty Offenders project

CCF has paid the fines of over six hundred petty offenders facilitating their release through the project.

Kindly contact 0242074276 via call or whatsapp to contribute to the project.

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