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Who will save my 7-month-old son from kidney faiure?- woman cries

Who will save my 7-month-old son from kidney faiure?- woman cries

7 months old Khalid Tamim is slowly dying as both of his kidneys has failed. This has made his parents restless after struggling to get him proper medical care.

His mother, 43-year-old Rakia Alhassan who hawks ‘pure water’ says life has been tough for them as she makes meagre profit from her business. She sais her 70-year-old husband, Tanin Uni cannot even afford the upkeep of the home let alone get their son medical care from the contributions of pupils of Islamic lessons he teaches on weekends.

Mrs. Alhassan says due to the difficulties, they are unable to renew their expired rent and their landlord has threatened to evict them from their residence. Her husband she says, now has to be playing hide and seek with the landlord to avoid confrontations.

“We live on hand to mouth basis because of financial difficulties. My husband is an Arabic ‘makaranta’ teacher and he is paid from the One Ghana cedi each student contributes for his service. Life has not been easy.” She told crimecheckghana.

The poor woman says she couldn’t attend ante-natal care when she was pregnant, which could have helped the early detection of the child’s ailment and possibly help avert it.

She said when she gave birth to Khalid, doctors at the 37 Military Hospital told her the child had contracted the disease which has affected both of his kidneys. Rakia indicated that the doctors referred the little boy to the Greater Accra Regional Hospital, Ridge where he has to be taken through dialysis treatment but for financial difficulties she has not been able to get that care for her son.

“I have been crying and I don’t know what to do. I have to take him to the Ridge hospital and subsequently to the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital but there is no money.” She cried.

CCF’s intervention

Crime Check Foundation, CCF supported the poor woman with an amount of Two Thousand Ghana cedis through one of its Ghana based donors, Maa Adutwumwaa to enable her son undergo initial treatment.

The Health Check Series

Through the series, the Foundation supports struggling individuals to get medical treatment.

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