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Fraudster sentenced 8 months gets released

Fraudster sentenced 8 months gets released

Penitent fraudster, Daniel Ampretwum was sentenced to eight months imprisonment by a Circuit Court in Kade for defrauding by false pretences.

Speaking to crimecheckghana, Ampratwum said his friend he lived with, after the death of his father, introduced him to the act of fraud but unfortunately, he said they parted ways after a disagreement arose between them.

Revealing how fraudsters succeed in duping their victims, Ampratwum said, after making up a call and familiarizing themselves with their victims, they win their trust which makes it a fertile ground to swindle them.

“I usually try phone numbers and when it goes through, I assume a name for myself. I then proceed to lie that, I have arrived from abroad so the victim should pick me up from the airport, pretending he/she is my relative. The victim denies the identity and I end the call thanking him/her in God’s name. Days later, I will later call the victim and tell him/her that I have reached the person I was looking for. I will further ask whether we can be friends and then go ahead to ask him/her the work she does and what she wants me to buy for her when I’m returning home from abroad. Our friendship starts from there.” He detailed.

He added, “when the friendship is firmed, I demand an amount of money from the victim after I have lied to them that I have damaged someone’s car but the affected person refused to accept a cheque when I tried paying for the damages. I will make a fake policeman talk to the victim to convince them to send any amount she gets so that later when I bring the items they requested, she can sell them and keep the money. That was the work I was doing.” He narrated.

The former metal fabrication and sliding door expert said he quit his job to master in the criminal act because the latter earned him enough money. After one and a half years, he said he was arrested and arraigned before a Circuit court in Kade where he was sentenced to eight months imprisonment at the Koforidua Local Prison following his inability to pay his fine.

CCF’s intervention

Crime Check Foundation, CCF through a philanthropist, Ali Ibrahim, paid his fine for his release from prison.

Ampratwum asked for God’s blessings for Ali Ibrahim to show his appreciation. “May God cause your business to flourish and grant you long life.” He said.

Petty Offenders project

Through the project, CCF has paid the fines of more than six hundred petty offenders leading to their release. You can contribute to the project by contacting the Foundation via call or WhatsApp on 0242074276.

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