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Poor shop keeper rescued from prison by CCF

Poor shop keeper rescued from prison by CCF

Crime Check Foundation, CCF has rescued a poor shop keeper, Kwabena Boateng from the Koforidua Local Prison.

Speaking to crimecheckghana, Mr. Boateng said he was fined Two Thousand Ghana cedis by a court or in default, he was to serve a year’s prison sentence.

He said he couldn’t afford the fine, hence his imprisonment.

The act that led to his arrest

Narrating what led to his arrest and subsequent imprisonment, Mr. Boateng who doubles as a farmer, said his close friend went to his shop and defrauded his ten-year-old son whom he had left to attend to the shop whiles he was away in his farm.

He said when he went to his house to confront his friend, he tried to attack him with a machete but he managed to avoid it, leading to injury to his friend.

“My friend went to my shop which I had left in the care of my son and bought an item with an out-dated currency, equivalent to Three Ghana cedis. When I went to his house to confront him after my son showed me the money, he tried to attack me but I managed to pull the machete out of his hand which unfortunately, cut his palm.” He recounted.

The father of two said he was arrested at his hide out after he successfully avoided an initial arrest. He said he was charged for causing harm contrary to Section 69 of the Criminal Offences Act, 1960.

He said when he was arraigned before court, he admitted to committing the act for which he was fined Two Thousand Ghana cedis or in default serve one year jail term at the Koforidua Local Prison. Unable to afford the fine, he said he opted to serve the jail term.

“I had only saved One Thousand Ghana cedis as proceeds from my shop but my wife had unfortunately, spent half of the amount, and had given the rest to the prosecutor and the detective. I couldn’t take the money from her after she retrieved it because of the welfare of my children.” He said.

CCF’s intervention

Crime Check Foundation went to his aid and paid his fine through its Petty Offenders project with support from a philanthropist, Ali Ibrahim to facilitate his release after he had served almost two months of his sentence.

Mr. Boateng couldn’t help it as he knelt down to advice the public to take a cue from his life. He thanked Ali Ibrahim for the support. “I thank God for bringing me a helper. I want to use this opportunity to advice those who engage in criminal activities to stop or else will end up in prison. May God bless Ali Ibrahim for coming to my aid.” He said.

The Petty Offenders Project

Through the project, CCF has paid the fines of more than Six Hundred petty offenders leading to their release.

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