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The dangerous thief in Ghana’s Prison

The dangerous thief in Ghana’s Prison

Is he one of Ghana’s most dangerous thieveNothing can stop Samuel from stealing a mobile phone which has been placed carelessly unless he is not under the influence of a drug. Operating from Kaneshie and Odorkor, suburbs of Accra, his victims were mostly shop attendants.

In an interview with crimecheckghana, the middle-aged thief, though admits committing crimes and is remorseful, he would still undertake the act if he gets the least opportunity. “When I see your phone in your office, I will pick it only if it is in good shape, I won’t let it go,” he said.

How he was arrested and jailed?

The skilful thief said he stole only mobile phones because they are expensive and he could earn enough money when he sells them after using it for a while. He said his victims including shop keepers were careless and he took the advantage to steal their items.

“I assess the environment where I want to operate before making an attempt. If it is in a shop, I pretend I want to be a customer and then I pick the item in the process. Some phones are expensive and I steal such types so that I can sell them at higher prices. However, I use it for a while before selling them.” He narrated.

The calm but cunning criminal said he is decent in his neighbourhood and only a few of his friends know about his deeds. In the ghetto where he was introduced to the act, he said smoking was his habit because it stimulated him to commit the crime disregarding the risk in it.

After engaging in the act for three years, he said he was arrested and imprisoned for five years for possessing stolen items. “One of my friends came to me at dawn with stolen gadgets including a computer and its accessories of a school to keep for him. He did not know that, when he broke into the school, some neighbours had noticed him. That is what has landed me in prison.” He said.

CCF’s Petty Offenders project

Through the project, Crime Check Foundation, CCF has paid the fines of more than six hundred petty offenders to facilitate their release, but Samuel cannot be a beneficiary because the court did not impose a fine on him. Besides, he appears too unremorseful.

CCF is appealing to the public to contribute to the project to help the release of petty offenders with the desire to contribute to society.

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