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Father cries for help for his 13 yr old boy with kidney failure

Father cries for help for his 13 yr old boy with kidney failure

A middle-age man, Simon Ali is begging for life for his 13-year-old son, Clement Ali who is almost dying from kidney failure.

The peasant farmer said though he is not financially sound he strives to take care of the little boy because he is intelligent in school. He said he could have saved his situation from getting worse during his childhood but for financial difficulties.

He said doctors had to discharge him despite his condition until he makes a down payment of One Thousand Ghana cedis for his treatment.

“The sickness started when he was a little boy and if I had help by then he wouldn’t have been suffering now. Life has become difficult for me to get him proper medical care because my wife has also undergone several surgeries. I have to be lending money from neighbours so I am in a huge debt,” he told crimecheckghana.

Simon Ali gets help from CCF

Mr Ali has been weeping and begging for help to enable him pay for urgent dialysis treatment for his son whom he fears could lose his life any moment.

CCF’s support

Crime Check Foundation, CCF swiftly went to his aid and supported him with One Thousand Five Hundred Ghana cedis through some of its group donors to enable his son start treatment.

The poor farmer could not hold his tears as he thanked the donors. “God bless you. Some few hours ago my son asked me to fast and pray because he believed God will perform a Miracle which has been confirmed by your support,” he said.

CCF is appealing to the public to further assist the poor man to save his dying child.

The Health Check Series

The Foundation’s Health Check Series is used to solicit support for individuals who struggle to get medical care.

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