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70 yr old widow who cannot sit because of cancerous wounds on her buttocks

70 yr old widow who cannot sit because of cancerous wounds on her buttocks

70-year-old widow, Abena Animwa cannot sit because her buttocks is bruised.

She said she has been abandoned by her children at the Komfo Anokye Teaching hospital for over a month after doctors demanded Two Thousand Five Hundred Ghana Cedis to enable her undergo surgery.

Madam Animwa who could only lie prostate because of the cancerous wounds on her buttocks told crimecheckghana that she has been stranded at the hospital as her child and her in-law struggle to raise the money demanded by doctors.

The poor old widow said she is undergoing Chemotherapy in the meantime but she cannot reveal to the doctors her inability to pay for the treatment. “My in-law told me he was going to bring the money but has since not returned. I am unable to tell the doctors I can’t pay so I am waiting till the end of the treatment to see what they will do. I can’t sit down because of the wounds on my buttocks.” She said.

Abena Animwa can only lie down

Madam Animwa said she depends on the benevolence of traders and passers-by to feed herself. She said her only prayer is that somebody will come to her aid to enable her get proper medical care. “I look up to God to send me a helper. I can’t call my family members to come and take care of me because I struggle to feed myself. I am only praying that somebody will support me to get medical care and after that I will do petty jobs to fend for myself.” She said.

The widow couldn’t buy drugs prescribed by doctors for her until Crime Check Foundation, CCF came to her aid through one of its UK based donors, Mama Esther. She also received additional money for her upkeep amounting to Five Hundred and Twenty Ghana cedis.

CCF is appealing to the public to come to aid of the dying widow

The Foundation’s Health Check Series is used to seek support for struggling individuals to get medical aid.

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