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I am dying, please save me-50 yr old widow with over 12 months’ ‘pregnancy’

I am dying, please save me-50 yr old widow with over 12 months’ ‘pregnancy’

50-year-old widow, Nana Ama Annor from Cape Coast in the Central Region ‘has been pregnant’ for over twelve months. The ‘pregnancy’ which was thought to be a miracle because she is in her menopause stage, turned out to be fibroid which is dragging her early to her grave.

She was fortunate to have met Crime Check Foundation, CCF after all efforts by her children to get medical attention for her failed.


Speaking to one of her daughters, 28-year-old Regina Amissah, she said they have spent their savings on medical treatment for her but there hasn’t being any improvement in her condition. Miss Amissah said her business is at the verge of collapse making it difficult to get further treatment for her mother.

“I am unable to save anymore because the little profit I make daily from my trade is used to buy medicines for my mother. My sister and I were able to facilitate treatment for her at the Cape Coast Teaching hospital but now we are struggling to get her an advance surgery to remove the fibroid,” she told crimecheckghana.

Mrs Annor

Mrs Annor said she cannot walk long distances and to add to her pains, her neighbours stigmatize her for carrying a ‘pregnancy’ that is overdue.

 “My neighbours think I am carrying a real pregnancy so they have been gossiping about me. I am weak so I struggle to walk,” she said.

28-year-old Regina Amissah and her sister struggle to gt their mother medical care.

CCF’s support

After all hope was lost for the ailing widow and her daughter, they ran to Crime Check Foundation, CCF as their last resort to get support.

CCF gave them One Thousand Ghana cedis through one of its UK based group donors, Kingdom Helpers to enable Mrs Annor undergo scan to determine the appropriate treatment.

The dying widow and her daughter were grateful for the support, “We thank CCF and Kingdom Helpers for the support. God bless you and make you prosperous.” They said.

CCF’s Health Check Series

The foundation, through the series seeks support for sick individuals to get medical attention.

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