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Kelvin is saved from death

Kelvin is saved from death

13-year-old Kelvin Asare looks waned, weak and breathes with difficulty.

He is gradually losing his life as his mother’s efforts to raise Fifty-two Thousand Four Hundred and Fifty-six Ghana Cedis (equivalence of $9,000) to enable him get medical care failed.

Speaking to crimecheckghana, his mother, 31-year-old Salomey Asare said since her son’s ailment started, she has never had a sound sleep. She says she has been taking her son’s deteriorating condition into her dreams anytime she thinks about the cost of his treatment.

“I travelled when I heard he had fallen sick. When I came back to see him, he had swollen so I even thought he had been cursed. I have stopped working to take care of him because he cannot do anything by himself,” she said.

Miss Salomey Asare

Miss Asare said she became restless as raising the money for Kelvin’s surgery gripped her. She said this made her approach some organizations including media houses to seek support.

“After going to GTV and some other stations, I could only raise an amount of Five Thousand, Five Hundred Ghana cedis. The money does not suffice anything near the total amount,” she said solemnly.

CCF support

Three months after she approached Crime Check Foundation, CCF, it’s donors contributed to support the young boy. CCF was able to accrue the total amount of money Kelvin Asare needed to undergo the surgery.

It was tears of joy at last for Miss Asare but short lived until Kelvin finally undergoes successful treatment.

Miss Asare thanked CCF and its donors for the support. “I never thought I was going to get this help to enable my son get treatment. May God bless all the contributors for their support,” she said amid tears.

CCF is appealing to the public to continue to support Kelvin Asare through his treatment.

The Health Check Series

Through the Series, the Foundation seeks support for poor individuals to get medical aid.

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