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‘My son’s leg got bent in my womb’-widow narrates ordeal

‘My son’s leg got bent in my womb’-widow narrates ordeal

37-year-old widow, Adiza Abubakar fell from a staircase after hearing the shocking news of the death of her husband when she was pregnant.

According to her that has caused her son’s deformity. She said though her child’s condition was detected earlier in her womb she couldn’t raise an amount of Six Thousand Ghana Cedis to enable him undergo surgery after he was born.

“During my ante-natal care, a doctor detected that my child’s leg had been affected after I fell from the stairs. Doctors recommended surgery for him and referred us to a specialist after he was born. The specialist doctor fixed POP on his affected leg as initial treatment pending the surgery”. She said.

Speaking to crimecheckghana, Abubakar said the doctors demanded Six Thousand Ghana Cedis which she couldn’t afford because of financial constraints after the death of her husband.

She said her in-laws and her family have both not been supportive because they are not well-to-do. The mother of four said, life has been tough for her as she does chores for people to be able to cater for herself and the children.

“The only relative left in my husband’s family is his half-brother but he is not concerned about us. I do not have a capital to start a business so I am always home and help people with dish washing, clothing washing or sometimes fetch water for people. I don’t have any other job apart from these household jobs. I don’t have any support again.” She said.

Crime Check Foundation, CCF is appealing to the public to support Adiza to enable her son undergo surgery to correct his deformed leg.

CCF’s Health Check Series is used to seek support for individuals who are unable to access medical care because of financial difficulties.

The Foundation also urges the public to desist from stigmatising physically challenged individuals.

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