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22 year old Delisu Quartey has been in police cells at the Mallam Police Station in Accra for over a year after efforts to get her bail by her mother failed.

According to Delisu’s mother, Beatrice Quartey, her friend, popularly called Alima and her siblings went to attack her daughter in her house. She said her daughter was injured during the attack so she reported the matter to the police at Odorkor in Accra.

Miss Quartey said her friend and her siblings clashed with them at the police station after which her daughter and her friend were arrested. She alleged that the following day, Alima’s daughter gave a different narrative accusing her daughter of causing the death of her baby.

“I sent my daughter to fetch water for me to pray over for her children. Unfortunately the place she went to fetch the water was where my friend whom I owed Twenty-Four Ghana Cedis lived.  I owed her after I took some food items she sold on credit from her. My friend called my daughter and asked her for the money but a misunderstanding brewed between them.” She told crimecheckghana.

She continued “After we came home my daughter paid the debt so I thought everything was over. I was home when I was informed that my friend and her siblings went to attack my daughter in her house so I went to report to the police. The police arrested my daughter because one of my friend’s siblings accused her that whiles she carried her baby behind her, Delisu slapped her and her child fell and died in the process. It is a lie because it was only exchange of words that happened between them.” She narrated.

The disturbed woman said efforts to bail her daughter have not been fruitful as she struggles to hire the services of a lawyer to represent her daughter in court.

“The lawyer charged Five Thousand Ghana Cedis but after bargaining, he reduced it to Three Thousand Ghana Cedis. Even that, I had to pay him Two Thousand Cedis as initial payment because I couldn’t afford the full amount. The lawyer only represented us once in court and since then we never heard from him.” She said.

Mrs. Quartey said she has been struggling to feed her children after her kids father left her. She also said, the father of her daughter’s children fled after her arrest leaving her stranded.

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