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23 year old Aisha Inusah needs help to undergo a Thirty Thousand Ghana Cedis hips surgery which her family is struggling to afford.

Ms. Inusah said her long veil dress got trapped in the wheels of a motorbike whiles she was riding on its pillion. She said the moving wheels pulled her dress with her legs caught in and dragged it till her hips got disjointed. The distraught young lady said doctors told her that she would have to undergo a plastic surgery to replace the balls in her hip joint which got shattered during the incident.

Aisha Inusah

“When I went to the hospital doctors supported my hips with a metal bone replica but it was removed after I was discharged. During my routine reviews, doctors said I have to undergo surgery to get back to my normal life.” She told crimecheckghana.

The poor young lady said the doctors said they would require Thirty Thousand Ghana Cedis to undertake the surgery which she said, has been difficult for her family to come by after spending Fifteen Thousand Ghana Cedis on her initial treatment. “My parents are not financially sound so they toiled to pay my bills when I was admitted at the hospital. Now, they are struggling to raise the Thirty Thousand Cedis for my surgery. They have not told me anything about it so I can’t really tell how much they have been able to raise. More than a year now I have been walking with a support.” She said.

Crime Check Foundation, CCF is appealing to individuals and organizations to support Aisha to undergo the surgery to restore her to her normal walking life.

CCF’s Health Check Series is used to solicit support for poor individuals who are struggling to access medical care because of poverty.

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