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Crime Check Foundation, CCF has supported Patience Kedza with an amount of Nine Thousand and Sixty Ghana Cedis to enable her son, Lawrence Kedza to undergo surgery in India. Lawrence has been stuck in the country hoping to get help to undergo treatment until CCF came to his aid.

Lawrence Kedza made a video of himself whiles in India to solicit support

Mrs. Kedza said because of financial difficulties, she struggled to raise Fifty Thousand Ghana Cedis demanded by doctors in India to enable her son undergo surgery to remove a cancerous boil in his cheek and neck after her efforts to get him cured in Ghana failed. “I took Lawrence to the Police and the 37 Military hospitals before we were referred to Korle-Bu Teaching hospital. We were asked to run series of tests at a private hospital because their machine was out of order and because of the huge bills, all my finances are gone.” She told crimecheckghana.

The crestfallen woman said they have been able to raise a little of the total amount which the doctors have asked them to deposit to enable them to begin the surgery. “Lawrence told me that the doctors have asked him to deposit what he has been able to raise for them to start the surgical process. The family has deposited a part of the amount but he couldn’t tell me when the surgery will begin because he struggled to speak due to a tube that has been connected into his nose.” She said.

Lawrence’s mother, Patience Kedza

She said Lawrence’s ailment started after the door of a Taxi he was about to board hit his cheek which eventually got swollen into huge boils. The disheratened woman said Lawrence was referred to South Africa for treatment until one of his friends introduced him to an organization of specialist doctors from India. “The Indian organization took him to India for treatment but the money involved is huge and I cannot afford it. When he was running the tests I paid Two Thousand Ghana Cedis for every session and I was able to foot the bills with the help of my friends and church members”. She said.

Through its donors, CCF gave Mrs. Kedza Nine Thousand and Sixty Seven Ghana Cedis to support her complete the cost of surgery.

She expressed her gratitude to CCF and its donors for the assistance. “God bless you and protect your businesses. May God restore in double-fold what you have lost for my son’s sake.” She prayed.

The Foundation’s Health Check Series is used to ask for support for poor individuals and families who are unable to access medical care because of poverty.

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