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44 year old Mary Kwansah has been carrying a “false pregnancy” for over ten years and requires Twelve Thousand Ghana Cedis to undergo surgery to remove the fibroid which has caused her stomach to protrude or risks losing her life in no time.

Mary Kwansah

According to a benevolent neighbor, 34 year old Agnes Ampong, doctors at the Ridge Hospital told her that Mary’s protruded belly is caused by fibroid which has also led to kidney complications and she could lose her life if she does not get immediate medical attention. “I have been following Mary for over a year now to help her get medical care after one of my church members drew my attention to her condition. I took her to the Greater Accra Regional Hospital to enquire about her ailment and the doctors said her life is at stake because her kidney has been affected and fluid has accumulated in her waist.” She told crimecheckghana.

Mrs. Ampong said because of financial difficulties, raising the amount for Mary to undergo surgery has been a challenge as Mary’s family has also not shown concern for her. She said she had to lead the sick woman to a church to solicit support where they received Four Hundred Ghana Cedis for her upkeep. “Since I decided to help Mary get medical care, no family member has made a contribution. When I spoke to them, they said they would be able to support her during the cocoa harvest season, after they have sold their fruits. It is by the Grace of God that she is still alive because the doctors had predicted that she could lose her life in three months’ time if she does not undergo surgery.” She said.

Mrs. Ampong

Downhearted Mary said her landlord has asked her to vacate her rented single room because he fears she could die in his house. She said her life has been a bitter one as friends and neighbors drive her away when she asks them to accommodate her. “I remain indoors for a whole day because I am treated as an outcast in the neighborhood. I had to quit my ‘chop bar’ job because of my current situation making me go through hardship. The neighbors fear I would die in their hands so none of them including my friends wants to accommodate me.” She said.

Crime Check Foundation, CCF is appealing to individuals and organizations to come to the aid of Mary Kwansah to enable her undergo surgery to save her life.

CCF’s Health Check Series is used to solicit support for poor individuals who cannot access medical care because of poverty.

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