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40 year old widow, Afia Asantewaa’s life is plagued with misery as her left hand was chopped off through a car crush whiles she was on her way to seek for a job in the city.

“After my husband’s demise I traveled to the city to live with my sister and her husband to work because I was starving in the village. Unfortunately, when I was on my way to the city we had an accident which left my hand completely off. My sister assisted me with my hospital bills and my upkeep until she also passed on.” She told crimecheckghana.

Afia Asantewaa

Asantewaa said when her sister was alive she promised to help her get an artificial hand but after her demise, she has been at war with life because she is unable to work. The seemingly hopeless woman said she has fallen ill, but and struggles to get medical care. “My sister told me that doctors could fix an artificial hand for me so she scheduled a date she would take me to the hospital for my hand to be measured. She was a food vendor but she strived to provide my needs. Not so long after her promise to get me an artificial hand she passed on without notice. I am depressed and feel weak but there is nobody to go to for support.” She said.

The heartbreaking story of Asantewaa touched some CCF donors in US and UK to support her upkeep with One Thousand Six Hundred and Forty Six Ghana Cedis.

The poor widow was grateful to CCF and the donors for reaching-out to her. “Thank you and God bless you. May God grant you long life and protect your business. May God restock what you have given me.” She prayed.

CCF is appealing to generous individuals to come to the aid of Asantewaa to enable her get a means of livelihood and make her artificial hand wish come to pass.

The Foundation’s Health Check Series seeks to canvass for support for sick but poor individuals who cannot access healthcare because of poverty.

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