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“My husband told me to allow him have foreplay with me because his sister will be coming to live with us to take care of me in our single room so he would not have the opportunity to sleep with me when she comes around.”  That’s the startling story of 29 year old Mary Voine whose husband sleeps with her just a week after giving birth.

The middle aged woman said her husband threatened to leave her for another woman if she did not allow him sleep with her though her womb wound has not healed from childbirth. She said although it was painful she had to agree to it but after she could not bear the pains, she decided to deny him subsequent demands. Voine said because of the awful womb pains she experienced, she sought medical care where a doctor at the hospital told her it was because she was having aggressive sex at a period where she shouldn’t have. “I couldn’t stand the pains in my womb so I went to the hospital. Upon the doctor’s advice I asked her to give me a note to be given to my husband because if I merely tell him it’s because of sex I was in pains, he wouldn’t believe me. The doctor told me if that was what will make my husband leave me then I should succumb to his demand”. She said.

Voine said her husband reported her to her family who were mad at her for refusing him sex as a married woman without hearing her side of the story. “I was home when my aunty came to beat me telling me that I have refused to fulfill my obligations as a wife. She did not give me a listening ear and left.”

The poor lady said her spouse eventually left her for another woman with whom they have a child. She said their two children have become her sole responsibility and due to financial difficulties, she had to find shelter in an uncompleted building offered to her by one generous individual because she cannot afford to rent a room and has been struggling to feed her children.

Crime Check Foundation, CCF through one of its Holland based donors, Mama Fosua gave Voine Five Hundred Ghana Cedis for her upkeep.

Receiving the money Voine showed her appreciation. “God bless you, protect and guide you in all your endeavors. May you flourish so that you never lack in life.” She prayed amid sobs.

CCF’s Charity Series is used to solicit support for famishing individuals and families to improve their standard of living.

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