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50 year old widow Lydia Lamptey has been grappling to get cure for her diabetic daughter, Emilia Bissah who has been battling the disease for two decades because of financial difficulties.

In an interaction with crimecheckghana, madam Lamptey said Emelia’s ailment started with dyspepsia (running stomach) along with vomiting and was diagnosed to be symptoms of diabetes at the hospital. She said she has spent all her savings on failed medical attempts for her and still have some arrears which she has been unable to pay due to financial difficulties. The desolate widow said because of that her business capital has been consumed causing her business to collapse. “I used to sell foodstuffs at the Agbogbloshie market but I have been redundant for two years because my capital went into the payment of my daughter’s bills. I have no support so my prayer is that God will heal her in order to lessen the burden of getting further medical care for her. My first and second husbands have all died and it may be difficult to get a man to marry me because of my age.” She said.

Speaking to Emelia, she said for the 20 years that she has been ill, she has visited about three hospitals including Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital but has not been cured as the disease recur intermittently hence the need to get further medication. She said her husband who supported her has also been struck by stroke making her living condition to worsen. The mother of two said as a result of her inability to fund her children’s education, they have left her leaving her with their grandmother who is struggling to support the sustenance of the home. “The disease has made my health unstable. Anytime I visit the hospital I get relieved but after sometime it re-emerges and that’s what I have been going through for two decades. Due to the hardship at home my daughter got pregnant and absconded with her boyfriend. My eldest son who has finished basic school and was hoping to continue has also left without notice. Life has been really unfair to me.” She told crimecheckghana.


Both Emilia and her mother said they have been starving and due to that they have to rely on the benevolence of their church to get food.

Upon hearing their sad story, Crime Check Foundation, CCF through one of its US based donors Janet Allipo gave them Eight Hundred Ghana Cedis for their welfare as it counts on charitable individuals and groups to extend to them their support.

Receiving the money, madam Lamptey expressed gratitude to CCF for the support. “May God grant you long life and protect your family for your generosity. May God bless your business to flourish so that you never lack in life.” She prayed.

The Foundation’s Health Check Series is used to seek aid for ailing individuals who cannot access health care because of poverty.

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