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45 year old Bright Koomson is in grief as he struggles to fund the treatment of kidney disease which is slowly killing his 9 year old daughter, Blessing Koomson after his wife left him when the little girl was under a year old.

Little Blessing Koomson

When crimecheckghana spoke to Mr. Koomson, he revealed that Blessing got swollen on his whole body which prompted him to seek medical attention for her. He said it was at the hospital that she was diagnosed of kidney disorders and was hospitalized. The distressed man said he has spent all his life’s savings on medications for his daughter. The poor carpenter who doubles as a mason, said he has become financial stranded as his job has collapsed making him unable to afford the cost of medical tests for her daughter which will allow doctors determine further treatment to get his daughter cured. “I am a mason and carpenter but I no longer get jobs so I have been in financial crises. Though the swelling has reduced, the disorder persists but now I am broke making it difficult for me to get further medical care for her.” He told crimecheckghana.

A Doctor at Crime Check Foundation, CCF, Isabella Ntredu, who explained the cause of the kidney disease, its symptoms and ways of cure said little Blessing should have a dietician to help her eat appropriately instead of resorting to unbalanced diet to worsen her condition. Unfortunately, Mr. Koomson said he used to contract the services of a dietician but after his finances went down he could not afford it any more. “When I was financially stable and my job was doing well, I provided everything that Blessing needed to reduce her sickness including contracting a home dietician. After sometime I couldn’t even pay for the dietician’s transport so he stopped coming.

The father of four said he has exceptional love for Blessing and cannot afford to lose her because she is brilliant in school. He said he left his cheating wife when Blessing was only under a year old and due to that he toiled in taking care of her.

Mr. Koomson

CCF through two of its Canada and US based group donors, Ghanaian Women Aglow and Executive Ladies gave Mr. Koomson Two Thousand Ghana Cedis to ensure her daughter undergoes immediate preliminary tests for further treatment.

Receiving the money, Mr. Koomson expressed gratitude to CCF and its contributors for the support. “God bless you for your immense support and cause your businesses to flourish so that you continue to support the needy.” He prayed.

The gesture forms part of the Foundation’s Health Check Series which is used to solicit support for poor individuals who are unable to access medical care because of poverty.

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