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The tears of starving Nntie family have been wiped away as Crime Check Foundation, CCF rescues them from starvation with a donation of One Thousand Five Hundred Ghana Cedis.

53 yr old Cecilia Nntie is mother of the family

Mother of the family, 53 year old Cecilia Nntie told crimecheckghana of how her children eat ‘gari’ for supper, whiles she and her husband drink water due to financial difficulties. The poor woman said she used to do petty trading at home but because she did the business with little capital it collapsed. She said her husband has also been struggling to make ends meet from his menial carpentry job so he is unable to support the family.

The mother of five said because of financial difficulties her children have become school drop-outs. “I used to buy food stuffs from the market and sell them at home but due to the small capital I started with the business has collapsed. We have been struggling to feed ourselves as sometimes I buy gari for the children and my husband and I sleep on empty stomach. The children have been pestering me because they are home and not in school but I cannot do anything about the situation because of financial difficulties” She said.

Cecilia said due to the difficulties she has sent her eldest daughter who dropped out of University to live with her friend and do petty house chores for her to earn some money. She said it is through her daughter’s effort that sometimes they are able to buy food.

Cecilia with her eldest daughter and Lois who is one of her younger children

Interacting with the children, the eldest daughter said she dropped out of University because the benevolent individual who paid her fees passed on. She said one day when she visited her parents she broke down in tears when she saw them roasting maize to eat in the morning. Another daughter of Cecilia, Lois said her friends have turned her into a laughing stock because she has become a drop out. She said because of that she used to go to school with empty stomach to write exams but her teachers would drive her away because she owed school fees.

CCF gave Cecilia One Thousand Five Hundred Ghana Cedis for her upkeep as it counts on the benevolent support of individuals and organizations to enable the children get back to school.

Cecilia and her children thanked CCF and its donors for reaching-out to them. “We thank you for supporting us. God bless you and grant you long life. May God restore in double fold what you have donated for our sake and make your business grow bountifully.” They prayed.

The gesture is part of the Foundation’s Charity Series which is used to solicit support for starving and deprived families to enable them improve their living conditions.

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