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Crime Check Foundation, CFF rescues business of a street hawker whose fortunes seemed to have been dashed. The 46 year old Madam Addo Diana whose capital is two hundred Ghana cedis has been hawking on the streets of Accra for over eight years.

Teary Diana said her husband is an upholstery apprentice who only visits them on weekends. She says the meager income she earns from the polish and ‘chamfer’ she sells in traffic is what she uses to fend for the home and as well pay her children’s fees. “I have calculated what my children have to take to school daily, so I have to get that by all means though it is difficult. It is the same profit that I use to cook for the home and it is not all days that I make enough”. She told crimecheckghana.

The mother of two, who gave her age as 46 though she looked older said due to excessive hawking, her legs ache because she has to sometimes hawk without eating for the whole day. “Now my legs ache and I am very sick but do not have any option than to do the hawking”.  She said.

Diana lives in single a room with her two children as a care taker and wishes to rent her own room.

When she thought all hope was dashed, Crime Check Foundation hit her with a surprise by giving her a working capital of one thousand Ghana cedis. The visibly shocked woman could not hold back her tears of joy. Items including clothing and shoes were also added to the money gifted to her by donors through CCF.

Diana thanked the donors for their kind gesture with God’s blessings. “I ask God blessings and prosperity for those who have supported me”.

The Foundation is appealing to the public for further support to assist Diana expand her business to enable her cater for her children.

CCF’s Street Charity Series which seeks to empower street vendors and assist them with livelihood support to enable them live in dignity, will be launched soon.                                                                                    

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